Why don't you make a trip with a donkey, he is not only your carrier but mostly your companion. The donkey who will accompany you will carry your luggage to make your trip easier. From time to time he wants a stroke or another reward for his good work. Your children will band very quickly with the donkeys when they are over their first fear. The donkey will welcome your child on his back but you always have to remember that it is under your responsibility. The donkey is a natural comedian who will make your trip pleasant and unique.

Some rules to follow up:

Don't allow your donkey to eat on your trip otherwise he will refuse to move on and so it could be that you return very late. The leader will walk on the left of the donkey. Keep a distance of +/- 50 cm between you and the donkey. If you want your child to lead the donkey you take your place on the right side of the donkey. If your child is on back of the donkey and you are guiding, don't hold your child because if you do you lose the control over the donkey. If the donkey refuses to move on, slap him gently on his behind or let someone else do it. The donkey is not allowed to carry more than 40 kg without proper authorization of the owner. Please respect on your trip our monuments and historical areas, we thank you for this. When the donkey by accident has to shit, then please push the shit to the side of your road so that others won't step in it.

Good to know:
A donkey is just like a car with rear traction so
it is not good to pull him, much
easier is it to give him a push.

Gabriel et Gaspard avec les ânes


1 heure : 19€ / âne

2 heures : 32€ / âne